Director of Advancement

Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens - West Palm Beach, FL
Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens (ANSG) seeks a Director of Advancement to identify and maintain a community of donors, with a focus on upper-level patrons and new prospects.

The Director will lead the cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of patrons at all levels; oversee the annual fund; work with the Museum’s Board of Trustees; oversee the Museum’s benefit events; and manage institutional grants.

ANSG comprises the former residence of sculptor Ann Weaver Norton. Displayed throughout the house, studio, and gardens are more than 100 works by the artist. The Gardens were designed by Ann Norton and botanist Sir Peter Smithers. The Gardens represent Norton’s commitment to conservation and the preservation of a retreat amid a city. It is a gift to experience the union of this powerful art and the naturalness of the landscape.

ANSG is devoted to exhibiting works of other artists, preserving the founder’s studio, and displaying her monumental sculptures in a secluded urban preserve where a notable collection of rare palms is continually being developed. The ANSG mission is to enrich lives with nature, art, and history.

The staff and leadership of ANSG are committed to delivering the organization’s mission through a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens. Enriching lives with nature, art, and history means serving all with creativity, beauty, and the power to uplift the human spirit.

“I hope that visitors, even those from afar, will find this sculpture-nature garden a deep refreshing. Art should be beautiful and made to last.” — Ann Weaver Norton

“ANSG is seeking a Director of Advancement with devotion to working with an exemplary board and staff in one of America’s most philanthropic communities. The future success of this organization will rely on the selection of a team member who takes a humanistic approach to seeing ANSG flourish with the cultivation of longstanding relationships with board, staff, donors, and partners.

Our board and staff work as visionaries and stewards of this organization. We look forward to welcoming a professional who shares our passion for the importance of art, nature, and history.”
— Margaret Horgan, Executive Director

For more information, including core competencies and qualifications, please refer to the full prospectus.