Head of Philanthropy and Major Donor Lead, United States

Follicular Lymphoma Foundation
The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation is seeking a Head of Philanthropy and Major Donor Lead, United States to lead the development and delivery of the foundation’s United States fundraising activities, engaging major individual and organizational donors through meticulously planned cultivation events and the careful stewardship of relationships that result in long-term partnerships with donors in support of the shared ambition of finding a cure for Follicular Lymphoma.

The mission of the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation (FLF) is to find a cure and find it fast. Follicular Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the world, is far from a new disease. Although first diagnosed almost a century ago in 1925, progress in the treatment of Follicular Lymphoma has been frustratingly slow. This is too slow for people living with this condition. Research and science have progressed rapidly—survival rates for some cancers have increased dramatically—yet FL receives comparatively little funding and little attention. The aim of the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation is that by the 100th anniversary of the first diagnosis of Follicular Lymphoma there will be a path to a cure including better and less toxic and debilitating treatments that improve the personal journey of every patient.

"Thank you for your interest in joining us on our critical mission—which is a determination to push as rapidly as possible for new treatments, that not only improve and extend the life of patients with Follicular Lymphoma, but that cure the disease once and for all. Together we can change lives." – Tom Keil, Director of Fundraising

For more information, including core competencies and qualifications, please refer to the full prospectus.