Executive Director

Maine Island Trail Association - Portland, ME
The Maine Island Trail Association seeks an Executive Director to oversee management of the organization, in partnership with the Board of Trustees, including oversight and evolution of the organization’s strategic direction, its brand and reputation, programs, finances, fundraising, human resources, and all day-to-day management and operations.

The Maine Island Trail Association is a membership organization dedicated to advancing a model of thoughtful use and volunteer stewardship of Maine’s wild islands, creating an inspiring recreational water trail that is cared for by the people who use it. Founded in 1988 to administer the newly established Maine Island Trail, MITA’s founding belief is that people who love to recreate on the islands can be successfully encouraged to play a role in the stewardship of these fragile and treasured places. MITA’s multi-decade success is evidenced by the fact that islands on the Trail are often healthier environments than islands that are left entirely alone. MITA members include paddlers, sailors, powerboaters, and non-boaters alike. As part of their membership benefits, members receive comprehensive information about the Trail including a 350-page guidebook and access to the MITA app, helpful tips for safe and responsible boating, and guidelines for low-impact recreation. MITA members are also the most crucial component in helping keep the Trail healthy and pristine through their tremendous volunteer efforts and generous support. MITA boasts some 8,000 active members, all of whom play a role in maintaining the Trail and its network of over 200 sites. This includes lending support through membership fees and donations or performing stewardship work as MITA volunteers. As the Maine Island Trail and MITA have evolved, so have the organization’s initiatives to do even more to carry out its mission. While still guided by the founding principle of stewardship through recreational access, MITA continues to grow and find new ways to do more for its members, its land-owning partners, and the Trail. MITA is as excited for the future as it is proud of its history.

"Building on a mature structure and honoring our history, the incoming Executive Director will lead MITA forward to a new and exciting chapter focused on expanding its donor base, enhancing communication with its members, promoting programs to increase access for the people who live in or visit Maine including the Wabanaki People of the Dawn, and fostering and expanding relationships with our many and varied stakeholders and partners. Maine has extraordinary people, spectacular scenery, and this unique organization to shepherd and lead. Come join us." — Nancy Egan, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

For more information, including core competencies and qualifications, please refer to the full prospectus.