Chief Development Officer

OIC of America - Philadelphia, PA
OIC of America seeks a Chief Development Officer to build, manage, and grow a development operation that ensures a steady pipeline of contributed revenue for OIC of America. The Chief Development Officer will play a crucial role in securing funds from various sources to support the organization’s programs and initiatives including funding from government agencies, corporations and foundations, and individuals. With a deep understanding and embrace of the start up culture, the Chief Development Officer will build and lead a development enterprise that supports best-in-class donor prospecting and research; the crafting of compelling case statements and funding narratives leading to successful grant applications and proposals; and grant compliance. The Chief Development Officer will be a strategic and results-oriented leader—a visionary with the spirit of a builder and an inspiring communicator with an ability to cultivate meaningful, productive relationships with key stakeholders.

OIC of America (OICA) is building a direct line to economic power for America’s forgotten people out of poverty, into new careers, and toward stronger communities. Strategically located in the hearts of forgotten places, OIC of America deeply connects with the authentic needs of the people it serves. It is leveraging 60 years of experience to transform the lives of individuals and strengthen the fabric of communities through meaningful participation in today’s economy. For generations, too many Black and low-income Americans have been forgotten and kept out of the economy due to systemic inequality in education and access. At the same time, the country is experiencing a critical labor shortage, leaving employers in need of millions of skilled people. This demands urgent action. OIC of America believes in acting on this pivotal moment to build the economic power of a forgotten population. Consequently, OICA and its network of affiliates is transforming its training model to provide a solution, the Sullivan Training Network (STN): an investment in people that addresses the national labor shortage. The recently launched STN connects forgotten people to training for in-demand, living-wage careers, and connects employers to a reliable workforce so businesses thrive. It’s the People’s Pathway out of poverty, into new careers, and toward stronger communities and economies.

"We are seeking an exceptional fund development professional to join OICA’s entrepreneurial leadership team. The success of STN is dependent on establishing a sustainable financing model consisting of a mix of public funding and routine, sizable contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Our new Chief Development Officer will secure these resources and help build the required financing model. STN is a start-up venture. This new leader must be creative, inventive, and willing to learn from their mistakes while we move forward in establishing a quality career education system." — Louis King II, President & CEO

For more information, including core competencies and qualifications, please refer to the full prospectus.